Birding Around Kentucky Lake on Saturday, 10 October 2015

Anyone interested in birding around Kentucky Lake on Saturday, October 10 contact Stephen Zipperer via email or on Facebook.

The plan is to meet in the town of Big Sandy at the Chevron Station. I believe it’s at the corner of Highway 69A and Main Street, Big Sandy, TN. We usually meet around back.

Black-necked stilt 150x174Meet at the Chevron station around 7:15 am to 7:30 am. We will then head up to the Big Sandy Unit of the TN NWR and bird the usual stops there. Pace Point the Overlook, and Rocky Point. Leave there and possibly hit the Big Sandy Mudflats. Work our way around to Britton Ford. Stop by the new visitors center and bird the Britton Ford area of the TN NWR. We will then head up to Paris Landing State Park .

We will be looking for whatever we can find. I am hoping for Sabines Gull myself. Let me know if you what to join the adventure. Bring your scopes if you have them. Everyone welcome. No cost except your time and your gas. Bring plenty of food and drink. We will be out all day.

Greater yellowlegs in silo 768x441


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